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So, where does the MAGIC come in? PAVERPOL takes ordinary textiles and turns them rock hard, allowing you, the artist, time to create a beautiful piece of art. By dipping the fibres into Paverpol, and draping or wrapping your material around a wire armature, you can create an abstract or figurative piece. Paverpol dries fast, but slowly enough to allow lots of working time. After leaving it to dry, and cure, it will completely harden.

With the addition of PAVERPLAST to the PAVERPOL mixture, and a coat of varnish, your sculpture can even be safely left outside in the garden through any weather system.
Paverpol comes in a variety of colours, and can have the look of a bronze or metal cast work.  It also comes in a transparent base, which dries completely transparent, allowing coloured textiles, to retain their original brightness and pattern. By adding coloured pigment (Pavercolor) to Paverpol, it,  can be coloured without slowing down the drying time. It is also possible to paint the finished object.

Totally MAGIC!

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