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 Paula Shuchat Miller


Paula Shuchat Miller been playing with paint, fabric, and a variety of art supplies, since she was very little. “I have always loved to create ever since I can remember. I drew on everything… my books, the desk, anything that had a surface, and I scribbled all the time, rather than do homework.”

Paula obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Sir George Williams University, followed by a teaching diploma at McGill. She moved to Toronto, and has taught Visual Arts and Family Studies in both private and Public Schools.

“My Mother insisted that I learn to sew.  In university, I was the only student who worked with fabric and embroidery.” I made my daughters’ “good” clothing, and spent lots of time on special items. ” Who knew my Mother's insistence on sewing lessons would end up getting me a job?"


Stitching was always something special, and so, various ways were found to incorporate it into art pieces in the house; wall hangings, centerpieces, and lately fabric bowls, quilts, and silk painted ties for my husband.

Paula is an active member of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textiles, and  has worked in fabric, calligraphy, paint, concrete, plaster, clay, batik, embroidery, papier mache, mixed media,  silk resist painting, art quilt, jewellry making, and now... Paverpol..

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